Can You Trust A Pressure Washer To Remove Stains?


Driveways, decks, walls, and parking lots get a punching from all manner of debris. Car tires drop a generous amount of grease and cakes of mud. Accidental spills of all kinds decorate surfaces with ugly stains. And sometimes, the wild thoughts to mount graffiti on the world inspire drawings that get obsolete quickly.

Finding a simple procedure that works to clean your home and help it bounce back to its pristine state may seem outrightly insurmountable. Fortunately, a pressure washer with a high psi range is never shy to blast out grease, oil, and grime. Done correctly, it cleans professionally, leaving your surfaces spotless and welcoming.

Brands have continued to reinvent their pressure machines by adding features that get rid of stains. Bestseller brands understand that surfaces react to pressure differently, and you should adjust nozzles accordingly. For this reason, you will find washers whose nozzles adopt different modes. And as if that is not enough, some washers come with water heating systems ideal when handling greasy surfaces.

If you look to boost the value of your building, well, you have more than enough options to help you achieve your goal. A scrubbing brush to go along with carefully formulated detergent delivers a stellar job, but it does not beat a pressure washer.

A power pressure improves your structure’s appeal

As mentioned earlier, power pressure leverages hot water to lift grease and stubborn stain easily. It is ideal for washing decks, concrete driveways, halls, walls, and the entire building, from roofing to the floors. To give your structure a facelift, all you require is to customize the pressure according to the surface and incorporate biodegradable detergents in the cleaning process.

A commercial structure benefits from pressure washing too. It removes stains on the walls and floors, giving the workspace a new, spotless look. A clean environment creates an illusion of warmth, and that alone can work like a charm to attract clients to your establishment.

The pressure washer removes the stain without damaging your surfaces

Pressure washing detergents come in the right formulation. It offers an edge over the household cleaners because the latter cannot remove the stain, prompting you to rinse and repeat the whole process. Furthermore, using household stain removers requires you to follow a tiresome procedure. For instance, you’ll need to soak the stained sport and allow time to pass for the solution to loosen the stain.

A pressure washer offers instant results. Adjust the nozzle to the angle ideal to break down the stain and focus your attention on it for a few seconds. In blink of an eye, the stain is gone. And to lessen the amount of pressure on the surface, you can increase the detergent’s volume.

Pressure washer use environmental friendly detergents

Nothing beats the power of pressure when it comes to removing stains. If you are using warm to hot water, you probably may not require detergents to lift stains out of the hardscapes. Pressure alone can chew all the stains without prompting you to employ detergents in the process.

Reputable detergents are biodegradable and free from abrasive chemicals. They are safe to use on polished surfaces because they are dirt sensitive. It tells you that they only work to restore sparkle without chipping out polish. But it doesn’t mean that your decorated surface is resilient to obnoxiously high pressure. Use the right nozzle to prevent unnecessary damage.

Bottom line

Pressure washers remove tough stains and help your structure reclaim the charm. The right approach to effective stain removal combines detergents and the right pressure to remove stains only leaving your surfaces happy. So, when thinking to give your structure a makeover, a pressure washer is the right way to go.


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